The Hunt for a Mastermind.

The Hunt for a Mastermind.   Rolf Osterberg

The Hunt for a Mastermind.


A naturalised Englishman, Fahjeed Rashwan secretly is a fanatical disciple of al-Qaeda. He travels to Afghanistan to propose a cunning plan to Osama Bin Laden’s successor. The preparations to carry out his plan take him to Beirut and Amman, where he recruits two important pawns for his sinister game.


Cas van Daelen is an analyst for the Dutch counterterrorism agency NCTV. Just when he is ordered to investigate a suspected rise in Islamification within the Netherlands, he meets Rejhana, a lovely Dutch convert to Islam. Cas gets acquainted with former Police Chief Inspector Hans Buurman following a lecture on fundamentalism in the Netherlands. When three inexplicable accidents occur across the globe at the same time, Hans suspects al-Qaeda’s involvement. Although Cas is not convinced, he joins Hans in an investigation of this theory.


Following a shocking action by an Israeli pilot, the whole world is in an uproar. Israel is feeling the pinch, the CIA is on top of developments and the Netherlands is inexorably drawn into a spiraling whirlwind of violence.


An unknown faction called Muhammad’s Warriors has proclaimed a second attack in the Netherlands. Security services are scrambling to find out the target of the terrorists.


Is it the royal family? Perhaps the Canal Festival in Amsterdam or the Western Scheldt Tunnel? Former CI Hans Buurman of the Amsterdam police, Cas Van Daelen of the NCTV and Mossad analyst Albert Kooistra are the determined think-tank in charge of preventing this attack. However, al-Qaeda’s mastermind Fahjeed Rashwan is also playing the Devil’s game…